Follow Through!

So what if you fail? the world doesn’t end and it doesn’t change the price of crayfish in the market but you will be able to say with all certainty that you are not the reason why you didn’t succeed at that thing. You will never have to think about “what if I followed through or what if I persisted” because you would know.

Protect the Elements

Please, please, I’m no tree huger [did someone say allergies?] but I do care a great deal about how our actions affect the earth and I’m sure most of us actually don’t want to see the world erupt into one big fireball. There just are some issues that seem more urgent and pressing than the impending doom from climate change.

Nigeria, we hail thee!

To be for justice is to be LOUD about it, to be louder that ignorance, to be braver than bigotry and quicker than hate.

Black Boys…

On Instagram, I asked people “to love a black boy is…” what did the people say about the reality of loving a black boy in 2019? These are responses from many young and black people from around the world.

For Black Girls

the mindset of being a black woman “we don’t do what you do, cuz you follow what we say”

Morality and Integrity in Art

A couple of weeks ago I was part of a very heated discussion on art, music, race and so much more. along the line, however, our conversation ventured into the realm of morality. This shift was focussed on the cover of the new Pusha T album “Daytona” produced by Kanye West. For those of you…

Highly Melanated ☀️

hey friends, You know what I love, -young black people who are actively working to improve their world. I just need a bad-ass squad of young, creative and smart individuals. Just dominating everything we touch. Ruling our separate worlds and collaborating to create even more amazing things. Helping our communities. just a bunch of people…

I’m A Poet Now?

Hey friends, So, I’m not sure who I think I am, but for some reason, I had the urge in the middle of the night like a week ago to write poetry. It wasn’t like let me write this poetry right now, but I just felt like writing something. So, I went on Instagram stories…


Hey guys,  so I am very proud that I have been on point with uploading this whole month and I definitely deserve some accolades. don’t @ me I deserve it. Today, I have a new up and coming musician. her name is Zochi. I have known her for a couple years and I am so excited…